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Green Teas

Green Teas come from the same plant as black teas. They are the top leaves and bud of a Camellia sinensis plant and can come from different countries. Green teas do not undergo the same crushing and bruising as black teas, which causes the leaves to oxidize and turn brownish-black. The leaves of green tea are kept whole, and dried for consumption. 

Flavor Notes: The flavor of green tea is lighter, sweeter and more earthy than black tea.

Caffeine: Sometimes considered low, mild or moderate, all meaning the same (lower than Black tea).

Steeping: Green teas are more fragile than black teas and thus green tea should be steeped in water that is not hotter than 160 degrees farenheit. Remove tea bag or ball after 2-3 minutes. Bitter tea is tea that has burned in too hot of water.

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